Big Data Specialization

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java.nio 包中的类

java.nio 包中主要包括非阻塞通信相关的类,下图为 java.nio.channels.Channel,java.nio.channels.ServerSocketChannel,java.nio.channels.SocketChannel 等类的相关 UML 图

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Netty 4 学习笔记

Netty 是什么? Netty是一个高性能、异步事件驱动的NIO框架,它提供了对TCP、UDP和文件传输的支持,作为一个异步NIO框架,Netty的所有IO操作都是异步非阻塞的,通过Future-Listener机制,用户可以方便的主动获取或者通过通知机制获得IO操作结果。作为当前最流行的NIO框架,Netty在互联网领域、大数据分布式计算领域、游戏行业、通信行业等获得了广泛的应用,一些业界著名的开源组件也基于Netty的NIO框架构建

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Netty 4 Output Example

Netty 4 Output Example has 2 parts: Server and Client, the Server listen on a socket address, client send message to Server, every time Server received a Message, just output Message to console.

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Understanding Teiid JBoss Integration

WildFly use a modular architecture, it assembled by a series of subsystems, each subsystem can be independent or dependent. From designing/programming aspect, it’s independent and pluggable,no interface interaction/implementation between two subsystems, but from service/functionality aspect, it’s dependent, one subsystem can depend on other subsystems’ service. Teiid implement WildFly Core Management/Controller API as a WildFly subsystem, which depend on subsystems’ service/functionality, supply a way to run Teiid in JBoss/WildFly container.

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