Understanding Teiid JBoss Integration

WildFly use a modular architecture, it assembled by a series of subsystems, each subsystem can be independent or dependent. From designing/programming aspect, it’s independent and pluggable,no interface interaction/implementation between two subsystems, but from service/functionality aspect, it’s dependent, one subsystem can depend on other subsystems’ service. Teiid implement WildFly Core Management/Controller API as a WildFly subsystem, which depend on subsystems’ service/functionality, supply a way to run Teiid in JBoss/WildFly container.

Architecture of Teiid Subsystem

From above figure, the big rectangle is WildFly Container run on JVM, small colored rectangle are subsystems in Container, teiid subsysem depend on other sunsystems(datasources, resource-adapters, transactions, infinispan, security, undertow, logging). JDBC, ODBC, OData, REST are services which Teiid Supplied.

This article will focus on how Teiid and JBoss/WildFly be integrated, the main topic including: