JVM Crash Cases

Name Log File Root Cause
Native libraries cause JVM crash hs_err_pid005 Native library throw a exception in runtime cause JVM crash, more details refer to lab
JVM's GC thread cause JVM crash hs_err_pid001 The crash is in the JVM's garbage collector thread and there are not native libraries loaded other than JDK and OS ones. This means the problem can only be a bug in the JVM (more likely) or the OS (less likely). There is not enough information to make any determination of any potential JDK bugs, all that we can really tell is that is crashed in GC-related code.
JVM crash without more output log hs_err_pid002 It's a JVM crash with no 3rd party DLLs loaded, which means it's almost certainly a JVM bug of some sort. It's always crashing in a HTTP thread, and with no dlls, that probably means either memory corruption or a JIT bug (generared not in the JIT compiler, there are no active compile tasks). The thread stack is corrupted, so that's no use. The problem is that the way the crash occurs, it is corrupting the thread information, so that it cannot be printed out.
JVM crash due to Native memory allocation hs_err_pid003 N/A
JVM crash due to bad compiled java code hs_err_pid004 It looks like you may have had a compiler bug generate some bad compiled java code to cause your crash. As a workaround, you could exclude the problem org.apache.http.client.protocol.RequestAddCookies.process method from compilation with the following java option: -XX:CompileCommand=exclude,org/apache/http/client/protocol/RequestAddCookies