jGroups 协议栈

jGroups 是一个可靠多播传输工具包,它能够为集群中成员提供点对点,点对组的通信,下图为 jGroups 架构图,所有通信通过通道完成。通道基于协议栈之上,协议栈中协议各自有自己特别的功能,这些功能综合起来使通道通道具有完成多波传输的能力。

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Docker Operations

This article covers topics to help you operate a Dockerized application environment. From understanding Docker Orchestration with Machine, Swarm and Compose, to security best practices and troubleshooting Docker containers. view more »

Docker Fundamentals

This article provides hands-on instruction for getting started using Docker. This includes how to create Dockerfiles, build, manage and distribute Docker images and configure Containers. view more »

Understanding JCA Outbound resource adapter

JCA(Java EE Connector Architecture) eatures three different types of resource adapters: Outbound, Inbound, Bi-directional, the Outbound resource adapter allows the application to communicate to the Enterprise Information System (EIS). A typical example, define datasource(-ds.xml) connect to Database(Oracle, Mysql) in WildFly/JBoss container is base on JCA Outbound resource adapter. This article we will dive into the details of JCA Outbound resource adapter.

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Apache CXF 微博客户端

Apache CXF (http://cxf.apache.org/) 实现了 JAX-RS 标准,基于JAX-RS 在服务器端,客户端,安全方面等都提供了很好的实现。本文演示如何通过 Apache CXF 客户端实现一个发送微博的小应用。完整的步骤如下:

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