Apache CXF jaxrs-intro example

JAX-RS Intro Example use technologies including: JAXRS, Apache CXF, Spring, JAXB, WildFly-Swarm, undertow, it demonstrates:

  • How to use wildfly-swarm-undertow run simple web application
  • How to implement Apache CXF JAXRS in WildFly as a service provider.
  • How to expose GET (to retrieve a single Member and all Members), PUT (for updates - both single-field and multiple-field), POST (for inserts) resources, subresources in a service resource provider.
  • How to use CXF JAX-RS WebClient to interact with Restful Service.


$ git clone git@github.com:kylinsoong/jaxrs-examples.git
$ cd jaxrs-examples/cxf/jaxrs-intro/
$ mvn clean install

service-swarm.jar and service.war will be generate under ‘service/target’ folder.


Start JAX-RS Intro Service Provider via:

$ java -jar service/target/service-swarm.jar

Alternatively, deploy service.war to a running WildFly Server.

Run RESTClient as Java Application:

$ cd client/
$ mvn exec:java