Apache CXF jaxrs-advanced example

JAX-RS Advanced Example Architecture as below figure, it contain 4 layers, from top to bottom:

Client Layer: A simple Java Application, use the HTTP Centric and Proxy-based Apache CXF JAX-RS client API interact with Rest Service which provider by Service Layer

Service Layer: JAX-RS base Rest Service, contain multiple(two) root resource, run in WildFly Swarm on top of JVM

Storage Layer: JPA 2 + Hibernate 3 + Spring 4 based Storage Layer, use to query/save Database and return result to Service Layer.

DB Layer: A relational H2 database, use to persist Service/Storage Layer Data.

Note that, a client query procedure like: Client -> Servive -> Storage -> H2 -> Storage -> Servive -> Client.


JAX-RS Advanced Example use technologies including: JAXRS, JPA, Apache CXF, Spring, Hibernate, JAXB, WildFly-Swarm, undertow, H2 DataBase it demonstrates:

  • How to implement multiple JAX-RS root resource classes and recursive JAX-RS sub-resources
  • How to implement resource methods consuming and producing data in different formats (XML and JSON)
  • How to implement JAX-RS ExceptionMappers for handling exceptions thrown from the application code
  • How to implement JPA2 + Hibernate + Spring + H2 Database architecture
  • How to use JAX-RS Response to return status, headers and optional entities
  • How to use JAX-RS UriInfo and UriBuilder for returning the links to newly created resources
  • How to use Apache CXF JAX-RS WebClient interact with Rest Service
  • How to use Basic JAX-RS proxy interact with Rest Service
  • How to use Apache CXF Search API to Query Rest Service


$ git clone git@github.com:kylinsoong/jaxrs-examples.git
$ cd jaxrs-examples/cxf/jaxrs-advanced/
$ mvn clean install

service-swarm.jar and service.war will be generate under ‘service/target’ folder.


Start JAX-RS Intro Service Provider via:

$ java -jar service/target/service-swarm.jar

Alternatively, deploy service.war to a running WildFly Server.

Run RESTClient as Java Application:

$ cd client/
$ mvn exec:java