Data Transformation

As below figure


  • The large xml file be split to small xml

  • The splited small xml be transformed to json file

  • The transformed json file be filtered and push to file system

Data Transformation

Open the FIS Development Tools, navigate to Design Panel, add a Data Transformation Endpoint, in the poped up New Transformation wizard enter:

  • Transformation ID - newcomernotice

  • Source Type - XML

  • Target Type - JSON

The results looks:

FIS EIPs new Transform

Click Next button, going to Source Type wizard, set:

  • XML Type Definition - XML Instance Document

  • Source File - sample/input/newcomer.xml

The results looks:

FIS EIPS tranform source

Click Next button, going to Target Type wizard, set:

  • JSON Type Definition - JSON Instance Document

  • Source File - sample/notice.json

The results looks:

FIS EIPS tranform target

Click Finish button to start transformation mapping, map between two data formats:

  • Resident phone → Notice phone

  • Resident name → Notice name

  • Resident vehicles → Notice vehicles

  • Resident household → Notice occupience

The transforming panel looks


Once the above step finished, there will generate lots of code/configuration,

  • The jackson annotated model classes under notice

  • The jaxb annotated model classes under generated_1517327809075

  • The transformation.xml file under classpath

  • The endpoint and dataFormats configuration in camel-context.xml

Run with Spring Boot

$ cd fuse-get-started/eips
$ mvn clean package
$ java -jar target/fis-eips-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

Once the spring boot started, create the path eips/data/input

mkdir -p data/input

Copy sample xml to input folder

$ cp sample/input/newcomer.xml data/input/

This will trigger a split, transform, filter process.

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