Fuse Online

AMQ broker setup

Login to background https://console.fuse-ignite.openshift.com/console/, go into the Fuse Online project, scale up the AMQ broker:

AMQ broker setup

Login to Fuse Online https://app-proj229602.6a63.fuse-ignite.openshiftapps.com, go into Connections, click Create Connection, select AMQ

Fuse Online Connection AMQ

Entry the following entry to configure the AMQ connection:

  • Broker URL - tcp://broker-amq-tcp:61616

  • Username - amq

  • Password - topSecret

Fuse Online Connection AMQ validate

Click Validate make sure the connection works fine, click Next, entry AMQ Broker 1 as Connection Name, click Create to finish the AMQ connection creation.

Damage Reporter setup

Download damage-reporter-1.2.9.jar
$ wget https://github.com/syndesisio/fuse-online-tp3-sample-extension/releases/download/1.2.9/damage-reporter-1.2.9.jar

In Fuse Online click Customizations, navigate to Extensions panel, click Import Extension to start import extension, after select the extension jar, a Import Extension panel generated, click Import Extension to finish importing.

Fuse Online Customization Extension

TO DO APP setup

In the CustomizationsAPI Client Connectors, click Create API Connector, select Use a URL paste the https://todo-app-proj229602.6a63.fuse-ignite.openshiftapps.com/swagger.json as URL,


click Next to go into Review Swagger Actions, continue click Next to go into Security that accept HTTP Basic Authorization, continue click Next, in the General Connector Info panel, pase https://todo-app-proj229602.6a63.fuse-ignite.openshiftapps.com as Host, click Create Connector to finish connector creating.

General Connector Info

Download a todo icon
$ wget https://todo-app-proj229602.6a63.fuse-ignite.openshiftapps.com/images/todo_icon.png

Entry the Todo App API, click Browse, Navigate to todo_icon.png which download above.

TO DO APP icon

In Fuse Online, go into Connections, click Create Connection, select Todo App API, in Configure Connection panel, enter fuse as username, redhat as password.

TO DO Connection

Enter Todo App API Client as Connection Name in Name Connection panel. Click Create to finish creating.


In Fuse Online, IntegrationsCreate IntegrationChoose a Start Connection, click AMQ Broker 1. On the Choose an Action page, click the Subscribe for Messages action to receive messages from the queue you specify:

  • Destination Name - inventoryReceived

  • Destination Type - Queue

start connection

On the Choose a Finish Connection page click Todo App API Client, then click Create new task in Choose an Action page

finish connection

On the centre of Add to Integration, click Add a Step, On the Choose a Step page, click Damage Reporter

Damage Reporter Step

On the centre of Add to Integration, click Add a Step again, On the Choose a Step page, click Data Mapper, In the Sources panel, click the task field, In the Target panel, expand the body field and click task, Click DONE to finish setting.

Data Mapper Step

Click Publish enter AMQ to REST API Integration to Integration Name field and click Publish, the integration will go into In Progress spinning circle, once finished generation the integration will go into Active status as below:

Integration DONE


In a new browser window, access https://todo-app-proj229602.6a63.fuse-ignite.openshiftapps.com/, Click Show JMS Form, Edit the XML contents and click Send JMS Message.

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