• A Specialist Solution Architect, Senior Software Engineer, JBoss Developer, with over 10 years experience in JBoss/WildFly, Java/JEE. Open Source enthusiasm, work on several Open Source Projects, good at Open Source development/maintaining, proficiency in Java/JEE programming, Middleware architecture, performance tuning, etc.

  • Core Developer of Teiid, WildFly Swarm.

  • A Reviewer of WildFly Performance Tuning, WildFly Cookbook Packet Publishing.

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You can find most of the projects I’m working on at GitHub. Some of my recent work include working on the following projects:

  • Teiid Developing new features, Maintaining and Supporting the code base, debugging and fixing issues, building patches, carry out performance tests, profiling, and tuning, etc

  • WildFly Swarm Developing new features, building patchs

  • jBPM Dugging and fixing issues, building patches, participate in project forums, community IRC, JIRA, etc

  • B-Buffer Personal Open Source Project

  • Jcommerce A Spring, Hibernate, GWT based online shopping Open Source project.


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